Yvonne Kuijpers and Paul Matthijssen from OceanPeople bring the Sentijn 37IQ on the market. A proven design of Dick Koopmans, built to contemporary standards. With attention to detail. "IQ" stands for "Innovative Quality". Everything has been thought through thoroughly by Yvonne and Paul and they had the first Sentijn 37IQ built for their own company OceanPeople. They processed their experiences gained during an extensive Atlantic Circuit, a professional life as yacht delivery skippers, their own training school and organized cruises in the past 10 years. The Sentijn 37IQ is a sailing yacht well prepared and ready to go. The thinking has been done. Ready for the horizon. By yachtsmen, for yachtsmen.

After a thorough preparation Yvonne and Paul (a former IT specialist and engineer respectively) sailed  from 1999 to 2001 around the Atlantic, cruised the Caribbean and the United States of America. During their quest for a seaworthy yacht, they looked at numerous vessels, including the Sentijn. "We liked this beautiful boat immediately, with clean lines, spacious decks, and a seaworthy design. We had an instant 'click' with the ship and that's what counts. "It was a secret love, because they left with a Victoire 1044, also a Koopmans’ design. Their love for sailing and the sea grew and after returning, they were changed into what they themselves call "ocean people". Under that name they started their own training school for sailing courses, have done numerous yacht deliveries and supervised in yacht building projects. The 1044 was adequate for this job extremely well, but over the years a list of new requirements was created. With details that would make the next boat the ideal one. "We wanted a fast, safe boat with excellent sailing performance," say Paul and Yvonne,

"With sufficient space, both on and below deck and in the cockpit." To Yvonne it mattered that she would be able to keep control of the yacht herself. Concessions were out of the question because, as Paul puts it: "The quality of a boat translates itself into security and comfort, especially on a long distance journey." In their line of work, Yvonne and Paul saw many yachts. Yet time and again they came to that first love: the Sentijn. They were able to trace the molds and discussed with designer Dick Koopmans all adjustments and improvements they had in mind. Thus a modified version of the original design was born: the Sentijn 37IQ. As plans were getting more real they went looking for a shipyard to build the yacht. Which they found in Estonia. The yard Ridas Yachts has extensive experience with modern techniques and also builds Scandinavian yachts. Yvonne and Paul are convinced that more sailors are looking for this type of yacht. That's why they bring the new Sentijn on the market. Want to know more about Sentijn 37IQ? Call or email us and we will be happy to send you a brochure.